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Healthy lifestyle - an important keyword in the current winter trends in the life style

People who predict the future, can be found in many different areas. Among others in the lifestyle. You look at the setting of the people and say in advance what kind of style and design will make happy next year consumers and experts. So the most trends emerge.

Exactly, that's what matters: new design trends and styles that are there to make more emotional, more exciting and better our lives. It's always been this way, but it became obvious in the last few years. 2017 the healthy life style in the life style is represented as strong trends like never before.

Emotions and adventures are healthy, they help us to change perspective, to overcome outdated behaviour patterns and related problems. The "Wonderland" trend builds on this idea. But what wraps it exactly? The Wonderland trend draws inspiration from the world of the North. When you select your interior design and your clothes for the winter, you think of northern landscapes, the sky and clouds, icebergs and mountains.

In the interior design you can introduce easy this style in winter by the decoration. Use lots of wool and cotton, as well as transparent materials. Continue to distribute crystals and minerals as jewellery and decoration.

You can spice up your interior design, but also your clothes in "Wonderland" colours. Put there on ice cold blue, white, lava, cold grey, petrol, sunset shades.

The successful Wonderland style has much escapism in his character and radiates much courage to break new ground and much to discover. If this wording is too abstract for you, then you can try simply, to bring the feel of Northern nature home. In both cases you feel freed from unnecessary frames and restrictions.

This winter trend draws inspiration from the X-ray and all other technologies that have to do with beams of light. This scanned style it depends on to see through the essence of life. This trend is used both in the design and interior decoration. Through creative, often colored pattern, it looks delicate, romantic and interesting. And also dramatically.

All textile, which are marked with prints are a natural used in this style. Also silk, tulle, paper are suitable.

The colors here you have for example following to choose: abundant charcoal, Tempern duck grays, bright shades of pink, mauve.

Much like "Wonderland" this trend encourages our desire for new discoveries. Specialists refer to him as a kind of creative Darwinism. In contrast to the land of wonders, this lifestyle trend for those of you who would like to achieve a healthy lifestyle within modern technologies is suitable.

This style is sure to give you ways to self expression. Most of the psychologists confirmed that this is a part of the healthy lifestyle. The collage trend draws inspiration from the Memphis design, the irregular forms, allows the adjustment of different patterns and figures, and often used the "cut and paste" method.

The materials are the joint between this and the previously described aspects of the current winter lifestyle trends. Also plenty of wool and other textiles that can be printed with patterns here, good to use.

Monochrome colour facilities, in white, black and black and white, Rouge pink, light blue and Pearl are suitable. The collage trend reminds very much of the 80s. But he takes from it, which we need for our healthy lifestyle and leaves out everything else.

Vivid colors, exciting geometric patterns and modular concepts, so how mixing the best aspects from the past, present and futuristic visions - all this provides optimism and movement in direct and metaphorical sense.

In this case, space is understood not as a vision of the future, but as a metaphysical concept. Such symbols all remind us about how connected and are all in this world. That would promote our healthy attitude among others from the right perspective on everyday topics.

The cosmic trend reflects the atmosphere of the northern lights and the exploding star, the pearlescent effect and all that deep and indefinable effects in us.

All these trends reflect our world sensation, which is profound and emotional in the lifestyle. It encourages us to share feelings and world views or to play in Visual form. It is ideal for the healthy attitude in the winter, which saves us from isolation and at the same time ensures the long-awaited warmth and comforts.

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