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The average life expectancy of the Germans always has since the 80s, and so the life expectancy is a woman of about 83 years and for men at around 78 years. This of course assumes that you will remain always healthy and vital. We have even it in the hand, we can influence the everyday life, be careful on us and above all for a positive attitude to life. We should accustom us to move us to eat us, to make an active leisure activities in the great outdoors, practice healthy sport, enjoy a good night's sleep, avoid overloading as well as the consumption of too much alcohol and nicotine, abuse any medication. So, it can be located in old age keep fit body and mind. Athletes benefit most from their movement. You train and keep fit often daily. Professional athletes are instructed but also on their physical condition, every week will be demanded of them, for example, as a football player. Sports-minded people leave gladly with the right strategy bets on sports events.

Health Advisor - water

Our health is the most valuable asset we have. Without them, nothing goes in life. It is healthy who neither disease nor infirmity and feel physically and mentally. Reaching you can among other things that:

. is a major component of blood, as well as a part of the body's cells. Lack of water harm our bodies. Also the ability to concentrate and brain power at low water subside. Fruit spritzers, herbal teas and of course the water is suitable for the thirst. Man should include at least two litres of it every day.


. is one of the main factors to maintain health. The consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables is recommended at least five times a day. Each an Apple, a serving of veggies - best raw. Moreover, the healthy diet include legumes, low consumption of meat, low-fat dairy products and instead many plant carbohydrates and low in fat.

Health Advisor - oxygen

. in the fresh air and the great outdoors arouses not only life, but also ensures the necessary defenses. A daily walk and the light of nature improve our mood by serotonin and light is also important, so that our body produces vitamin D, which provides for strong bones.


. regenerates. Good and regular sleep is important for health and well-being. While we sleep, the metabolism runs down a Hall, but the cardiovascular and immune system and our brain regenerate. People who have too little sleep, face an increased risk of a heart attack.

Health Advisor - movement

. brings the body on tours and keeps him fit. Regular sport strengthens immune, reduces stress and helps prevent diseases (diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases). Half an hour movement - five or seven times prevents the week - and also elderly benefit immediately from the impact. Autogenic training or yoga help to relax and bring balance and serenity, when overwhelming agitation and stress. Because they could lead to serious physical and psychological illnesses.

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