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Be just beautiful - there are so many occasions where we like to good and beautiful would look like. But actually, we want to be always beautiful. It's not just the clothes that makes us look beautiful. Because everyone knows the saying "Beauty comes from within". But he alone can not make up also of external defects. Beautiful hair, beautiful nails are characteristics of a healthy lifestyle, which is associated with nicotine and alcohol waiver, but also with a healthy diet. In particular can affect sports even more actively. Healthy eating and exercise - an ideal Beauty Spa.

Sporting activities contribute greatly to the beauty. No wonder, because well-trained body have a higher metabolic rate and good blood circulation. The latter is, for example, opt for a radiant skin. Who moves regularly physically and at least three to four times a week, 30 minutes jogging, wheel drives, swim, makes Nordic walking or strength training, takes positive influence on mental performance, physical fitness and agility and blood circulation. The body is left firmer and in the form of beauty. Healthy beautiful skin comes as itself and lose unwanted pounds.

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Not only sport is an elixir of beauty, but also the accompanying sweating. At the sport dead skin cells as well as free radicals are removed through a better blood circulation to the skin easily. Who all regularity sport pushes and sweats, keeps his skin young and strengthens at the same time heart and circulatory system. This applies especially to many professional athletes, who are sporting role models for many people. Footballer as Ronaldo Cristiano, for example, which makes beat the hearts of women with his washboard abs. Men would rather make a sports bet on him to Real Madrid or a favorite Club from the Bundesliga. The page Buchmacher gives tips and advice for the search after a proper bookmaker for anyone who would like to even fill out a ticket.

Sweat is sexy and keeps young

The man is older, also the human connective tissue will be the weaker. There is more water retention, body weight and increases the discomfort. To prevent that, in addition to a high water supply and sporting activities, especially regular saunas can help flush excess fluid from the tissues. This is happening through the sweat, which removed the old fabric water.

The sweat, while the remaining two percent composed of enzymes, electrolytes and trace elements consists of nearly 98 percent water. But who would have thought that? Our body welding include also pheromones (attractors) which look extremely appealing to the opposite sex. This unique fragrance of our sweat unconsciously decide whether we find attractive and desirable the others or not. A little sweat must be so, he hurts not - on the contrary.

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