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Tea - an aromatic drink, whose unique power dominated the whole world

More than 100 years ago succeeded the Greek historian and journalist Lafcadio Hearn, to describe the Japanese tea ceremony in the best possible way: "Although just a cup of tea to the preparation and serving, requires the right meet of these simple tasks many years of training and countless hours of practice. "It is an art that you must - to master the skill this process you should perform slowly, in absolute calm, graceful manner and in fine style." Today, know all - from China to America, from Japan to England - the aroma of the tea and feel delight in its consumption. There is hardly anyone who does not know of the Japanese tea ceremony, from afternoon tea as an integral part of the English tea culture and by the famous Russian tea tradition. The drink slowly asserted itself throughout the world, and has managed to change the customs of existing and rooted deep in tradition of all civilizations and thereby produce new.

The legend about the invention of tea

There are some legends about the invention of tea, one of them is very strange. Tells the story about the Indian monk, Boddhidharma, who relocated to China and there founded the Buddhist sect of "Chan" - this is known worldwide with the Japanese translation of its name "Zen".

In the mountains the monk built most probably most famous Monastery - the Shaolin Temple. Boddhidharma started to teach the art of meditation to the monks by he promised them for nine years without interruption to stare at a wall and never tear his gaze at this time. The second night he fell asleep but! Once woke up he was disappointed about his weakness and failure he tore off his eyelids - to never fall asleep to, he crushed them full of anger. According to the legend, a tea tree grew right then exactly at the point of the crushed lids. Today, the two words "Tea" and "Lid" be marked always by the same hieroglyph - ? (both in Chinese and in Japanese).

Tea is regarded as a stimulant, because the included caffeine and tannin stimulate the brain and lift the mental alertness and vitality. The tea stimulates the production of digestive juices and helps the stomach muscles when transporting the food. For this reason, tea is drunk often right after dinner. Because hot drinks is very quickly absorbed by the body, the tea can be consumed during or after psysischen efforts, or fitness training. Actually makes this drink especially for lowering cholesterol and protects us from many serious diseases. But what kind of tea do you like best?

Teas - stay healthy with a cup of tea a day

Chamomile tea - this tea soothing effect and helps you to overcome your insomnia. The chamomile tea also helps Halzschmerzen and rule complaints, also protects against diabetes and prevent the formation of cancer cells. Through a cup of Chamomile tea, you could bring your stomach and your nervous system to rest.

Mint tea - its pleasant taste and special aroma will solve just your stomach problems. At an excessive gas formation in the gastrointestinal tract, you do not vary right to drink a cup of mint tea.

The mint tea protects the stomach

Green tea - your best friend if you want to remove quickly and effectively. Green tea stimulates the metabolism and accelerates the metabolism process, while it strengthens the immune system, or, in other words, this type of tea is considered the healthiest of all. For an optimal effect, you can drink up to eight cups a day.

Black tea - black colour and the intense flavor come, that this type of tea is subject to a dauernhaften processing and complete fermentation. Its caffeine content is low and ensures the proper functioning of the heart. A cup a day prevents clogging of blood vessels and stimulates the flow of blood.

White tea - this tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants, and contains the least amount of caffeine. The drink has a positive effect on the skin, nourishes the teeth and gums and strengthens the bones.

Lemon balm tea - stimulates the appetite and therefore is considered the opposite of green tea. Perfect if you want to take!

The too hot tea could harm the Halz, therefore, the water temperature should be up to 50 degrees. Also you should remain in the black tea consumption within reasonable limits, because too much caffeine may cause headaches and insomnia. By a prolonged boiling tea loses its specific tender color, aroma, taste, and its health-promoting properties. You must drink tea directly before dinner, because the drink slows down the production of saliva and the food seems then to be tasteless. Only freshly prepared tea has positive effect on the human organism - so, please, no tea yesterday!

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