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Are you looking for floating or hanging bed? Here are some ideas for you!

Are you looking for a suitable floating or suspended bed? Certainly can you aren't handy then some inspiration and great ideas? Today, we have some interesting examples for you! We hope that they give a boost to your imagination.

A hanging or floating bed virtually only then makes sense if it steals the show in the room. So are our examples.

Outlandish - floating beds

We begin our presentation with floating beds. They immediately become the focal point in the jasmine live room. They attract any attention, Act somewhat edgy and thus lighten the mood at home.

The style is determined by the platform and the head Board. The design of floating beds are currently quite varied and original. This increases the chances that you find something that is especially suitable for you immensely.

Let's take the rural style as an example. A bed in such style is drawn from natural-looking wooden boards. From this the basis and the framework are created normally.

Fancy beds with LED Licht

In turn, a floating bed with laminated and painted surfaces would be modern.

Then there's the padded versions. You have a classic and incredibly comfortable. Floating beds are also particularly suitable if you want to achieve a feminine-looking environment.

The leather are usually for the male style typical.

Hanging beds add a special lightness to the design as well as the floating. Take still more feeling of freedom with it. This is due to the association with the patio design, which immediately bring them into our consciousness.

We recommend you to try to achieve high contrast appearance in integrating hanging beds. Just you achieved a particularly refined, modern look in your environment.

This is currently one of the most popular approaches among modern designers. See for yourself, what you can achieve with hanging beds.

The contrast, which you get in the atmosphere by hanging beds, comes naturally. It consists in the following: an element of outdoor furnishings is integrated into interior chaturbate rooms design. Harmonise the whole thing by trying to reach a stylistic match. This works fairly easily. If you are looking for long enough, you will surely find a hanging bed that inscribes itself stylistically well in your environment.

Designer bedroom ideas and tips for your own institution

You want to have a designer bedroom, but the price is too high? We have a solution for you: look at some great examples of designer establishments and draw ideas from it.

Yes, we want to promise that the design will look just as professional. But it may be possible that you will achieve very appealing and original results. You would be accurate to measure and selected according to your needs.

In all designer bedroom bed serves as a focal point in the room. The rest of the establishment concept to turn around. Keep some key factors in the meaning.

Among the different models of beds, there are some that are especially suitable as the focal point. They seem more noble than the usual, even if they are not equal to pieces on the market. That are models such as the four-post beds, those from rattan, and the King Size.

The right background

If the beauty of the bed is strong, the whole room looks beautiful. How do we emphasize best appearance of the central piece of furniture? We need the appropriate background. A particularly beautiful color or wonderful wallpaper can help it much further.

In the designer bedroom also the skillful selection of accessories play a very important role. The rule applies here: the items must be not super expensive to look good. Your bed must be a place to relax at the end of the day. Beautiful small details make clear for more comfort and security.


There is no completed designer bedroom design without proper lighting. You need to combine ambient, accent and task lighting. Figure out which one would be the suitable light intensity and how you combine all the best. If you well solve the task with the lighting, many drawbacks will be no longer to remember. If you don't make it, they fall to perhaps even more than usual.

The perfect sense of style is one of the features that distinguishes the designer bedrooms from others. That's why you should be very careful in this respect. We recommend the non-professional designers among you to choose one of two approaches:

Hold on a style and run all the details in this style

Just make itself known with the rules of the eclecticism and then apply it.

Are you ready to borrow ideas from some designer bedroom? Do it! We here wish you much success and beyond - a perfect relaxation!

Represents the right choice for you bedding luxury?

The selection of suitable bedding is often more difficult than some people might imagine. In principle, so no compromises should be made. The matching bedding ensures good breathing of the skin. This is very important, so that you have a good night's sleep.

Where is the place of luxury bed linen as a whole? She must also be in our opinion present in the household. It provides for added enjoyment and jasminlive relaxation. Next to her, you should also buy some simpler sets of high quality bed linen.

HM, let us consider the various categories of bedding.

At the everyday bedding you should decide for models which are made of 100% cotton or satin cotton. Go no compromise solutions with any plastics.

The luxury bed linen is different from other models with the high-class thin fibers. In addition to the textiles, which are common for everyday models, there are also others. Including many more environmentally friendly solutions can be found. Luxury bed linen can be produced from bamboo fibres.

In this area, there are many world-famous brands such as Cama Mia, Le Vele, first choice, RoxymaDream, ESSENZA. Fashion companies, which specialize in a number of other products offer article of its kind on the market.

You have already viewed the models by Luis Vuitton bedding?

Double-sided bed linen

Here, a very modern and at the same time practical trend in the luxury bedding. There are many models that are double-sided. The two "faces" can be differently colored and made of different materials.

Its great advantage is that they can be more easily used in bedrooms with different design concepts.

The 3D prints be equated currently easily by many people with the luxury bed linen. You dive already before falling asleep in a dreamlike world. Luxury bedding with 3D print would also be an ideal gift. Here we recommend you again, the Luis Vuitton linen to give special attention.

The compromise with the textures may be even less in the bed linen for than in the adults. You need at least pure cotton and of course a friendly look!

designer bed linen of decorating tips luxury bedding

Lighter and thinner sheets for the summer and also light, but heat insulating models for the winter: both must be in a household. This concerns less the references and more the ceiling itself. There are also combinable models. Some ceiling can be buttoned up. Together, they make a winter and split - off a summer model.

Tips To Prevent Drift Formation In The Cold Foam Mattress

5 tips to prevent drift formation

Know this: you have made are just comfortable in your bed and as you roll suddenly into the abyss, there is as a hollow has made nowhere in the middle of your mattress? Okay, okay, I admit, a little exaggerated I've portrayed the scenario, but eventually everyone now knows what I am talking about - the unsightly condition of hollow formation.

Still you have reported your fellow human beings by your infinite good cold foam mattress and now at this moment, you can no longer sleep. Pits do not arise from now on equal, they become progressively larger. What you initially still don't realize that soon is to a (un) beautiful become Sun Kuhle, who steals you sleep in the truest sense of the word.

Cold foam mattress in the test

test cold foam mattress benefits and practical tips

They are formed in different types of mattress: spring -, latex or foam mattresses. With one less more, at the other. The fact is, then, the mattresses are useless and to be replaced.

In most cases, it comes to the formation of hollow, if the mattress over a longer period has been used. In short, Your mattress is then "expired". In other cases, also a misuse, for example by jumping, reason for the emerging drift can be. And there is a last option, why are cool - she inferior quality of the material, which often occurs in cold foam mattresses. With a few tips, you can however delay these three causes of the formation of hollow.

Tip 1:

Only use your mattress to sleep in it. There is no reason to doze off after waking up, or to install also the NAP in bed. Much more I mean here with the bed for example not as a trampoline, to use reading Chair or TV couch. Through this type of use is an improperly used and on the other hand occasionally strain. This specific strain can move the material to do so, to give earlier because of the stress.

Tip regularly use 2:

That sounds a little strange at the first moment and may be carried out only with restrictions. While some mattresses will not be moved, some may not even because of your weight, others may be rotated only. Contact you should for example your Spring mattress regularly. You should turn on the other hand, if not otherwise prescribed by the manufacturer, their cold foam mattress only. That is, the part of the head is to the bottom and of course the other way around. Through this motor you manage to claim the zones of your mattress. Thus you save at the same time other zones.

test cold foam mattress benefits peaceful sleep

Tip regularly clean 3:

This tip alone for hygienic reasons, no tip should be. While you should clean the reference actually in regular intervals for proper reasons, yet another reason plays a major role in the actual mattress cleaning: dirt particles can affect which in some cases also the material of your mattress. For this it is enough to vacuum your mattress often. Pull this process also the old 'Knock out' review before, because of improper usage would include this process again.

Tip check 4: specific quality characteristics

No matter what kind of mattress you decide, each has certain characteristics that you can read the quality. Some qualities have equal, however, many types of mattress . It can refer also for sale: hardness and density. No matter whether foam or sprung, the hardness indicates your mattress is as capable of loading. The higher the value, the more resilient is your mattress. This rule of thumb also applies to the bulk density. You should consider any mattress into consideration under 40 kilograms per cubic meter. Some memory foam mattresses, such as for example those of the relatively young mattress manufacturer matrazzo , have even a volumetric weight of 50 kilograms per cubic meter. This value is for a high quality, and consequently against unnatural formation of a hollow.

Tip 5: the right Foundation

Also the right Foundation can reduce Sun Bowl against, because it supports your mattress in the places where she needed additional support in the ideal case. Einehohe stress specific deck zones can be reduced through a slatted base which is specifically tuned to your mattress. With memory foam mattresses be sure for example, that the individual slats are arranged apart about four centimeters.

If you consider these five tips, you will have years of enjoyment to your mattress and are not torn by a crater-like hollow from sleep.

White Bed - A Good Friend In The Bedroom Interior

White bed - 15 ideas for modern bedroom

At the end of each day, no matter whether he is or not, expired successfully, and full of good humor, each of us will return to his bedroom. There, we recover from the emotions and stock up on new energy for the next day.

The experts claim that our subconscious processes the impressions of the day during the night. So, we cannot deny that you need a relaxing atmosphere to properly relax body and soul.

The majority of us build up in the memory of their dream bedroom the desired setup concept. There, you would like to realize the dreams and ideas seen somewhere.

Furniture ideas in white

What furniture is suitable for the bedroom? How should you design the walls? What decoration and which textiles? These are questions for which the decisions are hard! Precisely for this reason, we have searched some ideas for modern, minimalist Schlafzimmereinrichtungen in white for you.

The effect of white color

Why White? Because white is a versatile color, which has the wonderful property to combine well with all other shades of the color palette. It also ensures a sense of spaciousness and lightness in the room. If you want to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom or even in your home, then white the absolute hit.

Viewed from psychological point of view, the refined aesthetics of minimalism is very refreshing the physical and emotional recovery.

Let us consider the bedroom furniture as a starting point. If you have opted for a white bed, a wardrobe and bedside tables in white, you can unleash your imagination for the remaining component of the desired design.

For greater vitality in the bedroom, you can make an accent wall in your favorite color. Another solution would be to opt for a Flash decoration or Heimtextil. Curtains, curtains, bed linen and colourful carpets would be suitable. This will introduce a certain dynamic in the bedroom composition. The combination possibilities are diverse due to the specificity of the white color. Our image gallery is the also great tips for this!

Now imagine time, how the feeling would be to sleep in a bed of white.

Headboards For Beds - Classic, Modern Or Innovative!

Modern headboards for beds

Upholstered, covered with a sleeve, ground and equipped with a trim. So we imagine modern headboards for beds. You too?

Of course, this statement is correct. But it is just one of many correct answers to the modern requirements. There is also the claim to originality. If you meet this, they could create a DIY head Board from any medium.

Main thing: Don't forget that headboards for beds should have a structural function.

Headboards for beds made of wood

Headboards for beds made of wood would never come out of fashion. Designers and home owners love it so much, because they always ensure that a certain element of surprise. You can with matching paint and original editing quite modern and original.

Several great patterns can be wonderfully carve himself in it.

Headboard as a decorative element

Headboard Bed headboard for bed backrest for bed

Plywood should be discarded not this variant. Super great models on the market can be found for this. From this to make models that look like simple frames. Between these, you will see the great wall color. Often, this is the most important decorative element in the room and going so well.

Other popular wood types for headboards for beds are Maple, cedar, alder and poplar wood. Often, a fabulous piece emerges alone from their combination.

The original solutions do not ensure that padded headboards for beds are less popular. Quite the contrary! What is good, also remains, and is always popular. For this reason, padded headboards for beds are also very popular.

You have very much room for original to work within this group of models.

Always a stunning modern effect can be reached through the padded solutions for the bedroom.

The innovation is probably that this very stylish and sometimes luxurious solutions also in a less challenging environment would be integrated. Minimalism can be combined wonderfully with headboards for beds. This should work only from neutral by texture and color.

There are also sculpturally shaped models. In combination with padding, they provide an incredible comfort.

Headboards for beds made of metal

Some of the most popular models of Kopfbretten have a geometrical character these days. You beautify our rooms with simple lines and great patterns. These headboards for beds mix retro and contemporary elements in a wonderful way. The most successful they are made of metal.

Our opinion is to highlight woven patterns this the tendency for the group. You make a great appearance within a simply furnished room. Yet one effect, you should combine with different nuances.

Headboards for beds bring Yes less practical benefits. You are so important due to the psychological and aesthetic effect. Many remember and try to integrate them, even if they have not too much space at home.

Stickers are super fit in this case. It would be even more great to combine them with an accent wall. Stickers are in particular also so good because they are easy to replace.

Could we convince headboards for beds super well in modern premises to enroll? You provide variety, adapt to the different styles, and does not necessarily need a super great investment.

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